Art Journaling – Rule No. 1 – Expect the Unexpected! 🎨

Thank you for your comments on my last art journaling post – they are much appreciated – and keep them coming.

I have delved into the mysterious art journal world again, lovely people, and feel that I am making progress!  After spending a fair bit of time on YouTube, I am still no further forward to learning all the ‘rules’ so to speak but I was inspired by a weekly video called Crash The Stash posted by Shawn Petite and wanted to create my own piece, inspired by hers.  So here goes, this is my thinking behind this one – (Stay with me!)


I had already prepared a background in my journal which was on a pink/orange theme so I collaged lots of paper over the top, using gesso to stick it all down.  I used a mixture of scrapbook papers, some dotted papers which were originally paper bags and some text from an old book.


I stencilled over the top, once dry, using black acrylic paint and a mixture of stencils.


I cut out a shape I found on the internet of a lotus flower and stuck it in the  middle as my inspiration came from Shawn’s piece which used a butterfly instead – but I liked the idea of a lotus leaf as it was peaceful – which was the kind of theme I was trying to achieve.


I really wanted that bit to ‘pop’ so I coloured over it using my Spectrum Noir glitter brush pens in dark blue – although that seems to look purple in the photograph but this could be a mixture of the pen and the printer ink!  I guess that’s one of the rules of mixed media art – strange things happen!

I also added some Faber Castell Gelatos and really liked the irridescence that seemed to appear on the paper.


I lettered in a couple of words and thought I was finished but I didn’t really like the whole ‘lotus’ thing as it just sat there in on the page! (albeit looking pretty).

So, a cup of tea later, I went back to take another look.  And it suddenly struck me that the lotus leaf really looked like the tail of a peacock – as did the colours I had used with my Gelatos.  So, hey presto, a bit of inspiration hit and I changed my lotus leaf into a Peacock!


The rest just seemed to flow from there – I wanted to include a quote which reflected the peacock, i.e. nature but also to show that if you slow down and take your time and think about these things before rushing in (not my usual approach!) then lovely things may happen!




And lovely things did.  Here is my peacock in all his glory – and I’m mighty proud of him!  And here is rule number one lovely people –  #1 – Expect the Unexpected – inspiration can strike at any time!

Happy journaling, whatever kind you prefer.  Until the next time..

Sending Hugs

Jane 💛

My Art Journal – A Ray of Sunshine ☀️

When I first started doing Art again, about a year ago, I began with taking a course which i found online.  It was by a brilliant mixed media artist called Joanna Sharpe and I would recommend it to anyone.

Anyway one thing kind of morphed into another and I discovered Bullet Journaling (which I obviously love) but I did miss the art a bit.  So I’ve decided to start an Art Journal and began this sunny afternoon!

You can spend a total fortune on art journaling supplies (as you can with bullet journaling) so I thought it would be a good idea to see if I could use what I had.  I decided to make a stencil, using my Silhouette Portrait machine, and see if it would hold up to inks and paints (even though it is only made of card).


I guess the good thing about it is that I can just make another one when this one falls apart! and there seem to be countless free files available online which you can use for this purpose (just make sure it is a .png file to import into Silhouette).

I covered my background with a mixture of acrylic paints, using the “baby wipe” method taught by another amazing artist and YouTuber, Dyan Reaveley – Dyan is also responsible for the Dylusions range of paints and art journal supplies sold by Ranger – here is a brilliant stockist in the UK if you are interested – Art From The Heart – (they also sell Tim Holtz and various other artists) – they have a great range.


(Holding up well, so far), but I have only used inks with them rather than paint as I thought this would not be so wet (it’s only cardboard after all!).  After the background was done I started adding my layers, using text from a book, a gorgeous sunny picture from a sunday paper magazine, and gesso to dampen the whole thing down otherwise it seemed to look too bright.


I stencilled some of the Gesso to make it a bit of a 3-D effect and I really like how that has come out.  Then a few more embellishments including some “saying” stickers that I made on the Portrait and I think I’m done!


What do you think?  Do you have any top tips I can follow, or maybe an artist you follow that you would recommend?  I’d love to hear about them so please comment below.  Until next time, from this sunny afternoon here in the UK, have a great crafting weekend!


Jane 💛