All Doodled Out In June

Well what a great time I’ve had this June joining in with two great doodlers on Instagram – Christina and Alexandra. Our challenge was #doodlewithusinJune and the theme was Under The Sea. Here’s how I got on! 

Started out quite calmly but a bit unsure of what I was doing!

Started to warm to my theme – it’s been a long time since I used coloured pencils! 

Brilliant fun…

Forgot how much I loved to doodle!

Not bad so far

I’m using my Leuchtturm 1917 notebook which is my current bullet journal.

And lots of colour pencils including Pelikan, Derwent and Staedtler

Which really make the colours zing!

Not quite Finding Nemo but a happy clown fish nonetheless. 

And here is the finished article.  If you want to see everyone else’s amazing doodles then visit Instagram and search #doodlewithusinjune. A big shout out to bossgirlbujo   the_bulletjournal_addict   stnrylovers   planningmyday   and of course Christina and Alexandra – links above – all of their doodling was amazing!

Did you join in this challenge?  Wasn’t it great!  Happy doodling in your Bujo’s everyone 

💕💕💕 Jane 💕💕💕

Learning a New Skill

It’s always good to learn something new – keeps the old grey matter working and is fun and creative.  I love my crochet but sometimes it is good to try new things.
When I was a much younger I flirted with Calligraphy and really enjoyed it but can only assume that being a teenager got in the way and the pen and ink was relegated to the back of a cupboard somewhere.  So I feel that I’ve not come to this a complete novice.
The benefit now of course is that with the internet and blogs and YouTube you can learn practically anything and boy, is there a wealth of fantastic information out there – I have become an almost obsessive Pinterester on hand lettering and calligraphy and a huge amount of inspiration has been drawn from this source alone!
I feel that there is a long way to go however, but I’m enjoying the journey.  Here are a few of my endeavours so far – a big shout out to the book Creative Lettering and Beyond by Gabri Joy Kirdendall and Laura Lavender – this has helped A LOT!

I got a pen and nib set and some ink from Amazon to practice and went for Kuretake Zig Cartoonist Ink Dip Pen Holder and Nib Set and some Windsor & Newton Calligraphy Ink.  The nib took a bit of getting used to – I used the G-Nib which seems to be the easiest for a beginner.
Another big shout out to ElisaAnne Calligraphy on YouTube, who is a left-handed Calligrapher (did I mention I’m a leftie?) and her video really helped me to get started, also who has some brilliant tips and information on her website and blog.
Have you started anything new lately?  Are you enjoying it?  I’d love to hear.  Looking forward to sharing some more hand lettering as this new hobby progresses but until then, happy hobbies,

Happy To Be….

Of late, I’ve been happy to be…
lucky enough to have a ticket to see Adele at the O2 – AMaZiNg!
outside in the garden mowing the lawn.
doing a spot of doodling!  Need to practice those letters.
having a go at watercolours – tricky but fun.  Still need to practice those letters!
Planning a little canvas using the inspiration and techniques I got from a lovely book called Zenspirations: Letters & Patterning by Joanne Fink, bought here
surrounded by some beautiful tulips
and glancing out of the window this morning to see a sheep in the garden!  If she stays there long enough I can give up mowing the lawn!
What have you all been happy doing?

It’s Been A Long Time

Hello from the depths of Norfolk, UK.  It’s been a long time – too long in fact but I got a bit sidetracked – as you do – and something had to give!

Still, here we are many months later.  I’ve been busy with this and that and life – you know how it is. But I have not been idle.  Many beautiful things have been (and still continue to be) created with hook and yarn and love.

I finished up the Moogly CAL which I started in January 2014 and the result was a beautiful blanket and Christmas present for my niece who is away at University – she loved it and I am happy about that!

Several other blankets are still in production – I get bored with the same thing and readers of this blog know that I am useless at starting and finishing one thing at a time!  However my ripple blanket is doing well (needed for eldest who is hopefully going to University in September) and the Country Fresh Blanket is for the other son (who didn’t want to be left out – I ask you, nothing like sibling rivalry!)

And I am now finally doing something for myself – and it’s pRettY gorgeous, even if I say so myself! My chunky waffle blanket in a scrumptious variegated super chunky yarn (Stylecraft Swift Knit).
It’s extremely squidgeable – even Mr Hippy keeps sticking his fingers in it!  And so, so soft.  It crochets up really quickly but My Goodness does it eat yarn!
So not by any means cheap – but then I’m not a cheap girl and it is for ME!
It’s lovely to be back – although I was never really away, keeping in touch with all my other blogging friends – hopefully now there is a bit more time – or is that wishful thinking!

Up The Lane

There were some pretty things to see up the lane this morning when I was walking with Monty – usually we just walk by but this morning I had my phone with me so snapped away, as you do!

Pity the sun wasn’t out but there was still beauty all around if you care to look.  The horse chestnut flowers look amazing at the moment and this perfect dandelion clock will probably have lost all its seeds by lunchtime.

There is more cow parsley now – it must be a second flowering and there are loads of these little blue flowers – the picture is deceiving as they are much darker blue with darker green leaves but my phone didn’t capture this.  Does anyone know what it is?  It must be pretty common as it’s everywhere!

And maybe this is how Monty saw things this morning (dogs don’t see colour well, do they?) Isn’t PicMonkey a wonderful thing!
More news on my latest WIP, the Arctic shawl later – very happy with it’s beginnings!  Have a great Wednesday.
Jane xx

Easter Bits and Bobs

It’s been a brilliant week off from work.  Mr Hippy was off for part of it and both the boys are still on holiday so it seems to have gone really slowly – will be a shame to have to go back next week but all good things and all that!

Anyway, I have been busy with loads of projects – obviously the Mandala madness – posted about last week, but now the next block in the Moogly CAL (block No. 8) has just been published so I have had the chance to get straight to it.

I’m really loving the texture of this block – very three dimensional!  It’s not too late to join in with Tamara’s CAL, just follow the link above – we’ve got ’till Christmas!

I’m also using some Rico Essentials Cotton DK for a project at present – it comes in an amazing 66 colours (from Wool Warehouse) and crochets really well – it’s mercerised so has a bit of a shiny appearance but I kinda like it!  I’m following a lovely pattern from Color ‘n Cream and it’s working out well so far – watch this space for an update soon!

The other yarn I’m playing with (for my Mandalas) is also a Rico – their creative cotton Aran – the colours are gorgeous and I used this yarn for my Funky Flower Cushion which was a pattern from the popular Attic24 website by Lucy.  It does split a bit so you have to be careful – less watching of the TV and more concentrating required!

Aren’t holidays precious!  They do seem to whizz by though – it’s been a busy one, culminating in a big family get together tomorrow (with friends too – although they are more like family) – I’m cooking turkey!  Christmas all over again!!!!!  Where ever you are in the world and whatever you believe – have a peaceful time.

Jane xox

Joining in the Mandala Madness – Again!

These critters are addictive! They seem to appear magically before your eyes and before you know it you have a gorgeous circle of loveliness! Aided and abetted by the lovely Chrissie at Chrissie Crafts I am now officially Mandala Mad! Here are my offerings! Now – where to put them!

Most of these are a variation on the spring Mandala pattern from the gorgeous Made in K-Town with a few twists from me but each of them were great fun to make. Thanks for the inspiration Chrissie!
Jane xx



A Colourful Life #1

There are so many beautiful colours in nature that I see in my garden and on my walks (mainly with Monty the dog) that I thought I would begin a new set of posts entitled A Colourful Life.
Each one will be short and include a picture that I have taken on my travels accompanied by colour chips depicting a selection of colours from the picture.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed making them and I would love to hear your comments.  Let’s kick off with #1
Butterfly – A Peacock Butterfly in my garden

Craft Hippy xx

Garden Gorgeousness!

I am out pegging the washing, as you do, the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day so I thought I would share with you what I can see in my garden.

Pretty Primulas soaking up the sun
Buttery yellow cowslips waving in the breeze
Blossom on the Damson tree and daffodils all in a line behind
The beautiful pink blossom of the Ribes shrub (blackcurrant)
A couple of common daisies, although there’s plenty more where they came from in my lawn!
And last but not least, the reason why I rushed out to the garden in the first place –
The most beautiful sight to see on a Saturday afternoon –
Just out of hibernation and looking for nettles –
The most gorgeous –
Amazing –
Peacock Butterfly
A sight for sore eyes, and no mistake
Enjoy your weekend – that picture made mine!
Jane x
What beautiful things are in your garden?  I’d love to see – Link in and show off your pretties!  It’s free – just click on the link below – I’ll start –

Colour Crazy

Those of you who follow my blog will know that I luuuurrrrvvveee colour and on Pinterest there are lots of pictures of colour composites i.e. where there is a main picture and then colour swatches of colours from that picture around it.  
They appeal to me HUGELY and I thought they were only able to be created by clever graphic designers with expensive software.  NOT TRUE!
I have found the most brilliant tutorial on creating one of these on the blog knitsofacto – I highly recommend a look at this blog – and it’s creator, Annie, is part of something called The Colour Collaborative which is also worth exploring if you like colour.  She has joined forces with another fave blogger of mine – Sandra at Cherry Heart, plus some new blogs to explore – Gillian at Tales from a Happy House, CJ at Above the River, Jennifer at Thistlebear and Sarah at Mitenska.
So I thought I would have a go!  Thanks to the free software PicMonkey I can now colour composite to my heart’s content.  It’s going to be a colour fest around here today and I will post my composites to Pinterest on their very own board here, along with others that I see and love, so join in and follow my board if you wish.

What do you think?
Happy Wednesday
Jane x