It’s Been a Bobbly Weekend!

Bobbles all round here – yesterday I posted about an amazing gift I received from Finland here and today I can report that my colourful baby bobble blanket – courtesy of the lovely website Moogly is growing by the day, ready to go to my cousin who is having a baby in the New Year.

There are more details about this crazy colourful project on my Ravelry page, giving details on the yarn, for anyone who is interested.  Would love to have your comments on the bobbles!  Has anyone else completed this project?
Look forward to hearing from you all and until then,
Happy Hooking!

Autumn Comes Round Again – time for crochet?

Autumn is definitely my season, not only because I love the colours of orange, yellow, green and brown but I love the early, dew-filled mornings, the smell of this season is particularly earthy and grounding and I love to walk outside when the sun is shining – all year, of course, but particularly in Autumn.

The last week or so here in Norfolk has been superb weather – as has much of the UK, but there is something really special about a big Norfolk sky – people complain that Norfolk is flat but they need to look up to appreciate it properly in my opinion – (sorry, feeling a bit opinionated today!)

Anyway, I digress.  All this talk of Autumn and some good news from a family member means that I now have the opportunity to make a baby blanket!  Having just finished another blanket for my biggest baby (now 18 and recently off to university) – see some yummy pics below, I have been at a bit of a loose end.  Now that the nights are drawing in and it will soon be time to light the fire, what better time that to begin a scrumptious crochet project for the Autumn!
So one off the hook ……….

And another one to start ……

And what is NOT to like about this yarn!  It’s a King Cole, DK Flash, colour Summer Fruit and you can follow my progress on my Ravelry page – here.  Ok, so colder days, fog, darker nights and probably rain are about to descend upon us as we charge through Autumn towards Winter but I will have this ray of sunshine to look at for the next few weeks/months which will remind me of all those beautiful sunny colours and bright Autumn days.
Happy hooking,

Moogly Afghan CAL so far ……

Having just completed my 8th block in the Moogly Afghan CAL I thought it would be a nice idea to show you where I am with it so far – courtesy of a PicMonkey collage.

Each block will be approximately 13″ square as this is how they are coming up (I obviously crochet looser than some others as I think they are supposed to be 12″ – but as long as they are all the same size I guess it doesn’t matter!)
I am using acrylic yarn in four shades of grey and a 5.00mm hook but I think I might introduce a burgundy colour for joining them together and the border.
If you don’t know what the Moogly Afghan CAL is – and let’s face it, why should you – Moogly is a blog I follow by a very talented lady called Tamara.  She does lots of YouTube video tutorials on stitches and patterns and pretty much taught me to crochet.  She has organised a CAL (crochet-along) which will last the whole year, with two blocks a month for people to follow if they wish.
It’s a great way of doing a large project as it’s broken down and doesn’t feel too daunting – plus there are loads of other people doing it at the same time – there are pages on Ravelry showing everyones works of art and there is something good about knowing others are doing the same project at the same time!
Happy Hooking

Lazy Lovely Saturday

Nothing nicer than just chilling for a whole day, pootling about, a bit of this, a bit of that.  Doesn’t often happen so I made the most of it.  What have you done today?

Stood by the kitchen window and just watched the clouds and the beautiful daffodils
Made a jam and fresh cream sponge (yum) – bet that won’t be there for much longer!
Felt it my duty to eat a slice with a nice cuppa!
Tried to capture the beauty of the daffodils and tulips on the kitchen table
Finished Block No. 6 in the Moogly Afghan CAL 2014
I love days like these – shame they don’t come round that often.  Enjoy your weekend.
Jane xx

Spring Flowers and Country Fresh Blanket

Just a quick update today on the progress of my Country Fresh Blanket – I’ve been trying to fit in a few rows when I can but all this lovely sunshine we’ve been having has made me want to be elsewhere!  Is crochet a winter thing?  I hope not, what do you think?
Some beautiful tulips (to remind me of mine and Mr Hippy’s trip to Amsterdam) set off the spring colours of this blanket to perfection!

New block in the Moogly Afghan Crochet-Along comes out tomorrow so that should keep me busy over the weekend.  Enjoy your day
Jane xx

First Block in the Moogly Crochet-Along completed (Yayyyy)

I sat down yesterday afternoon to start my first 12″ square in the Moogly Crochet Along (CAL) and have to say I am very pleased with the outcome – although it wasn’t for the feint hearted – I’m not sure a beginner would be able to follow the pattern!

So here is a sneak peak.  If you want to know a bit more then check out my Moogly Afghan CAL Page – click on the link on the right of my blog (under Pages) to access it and get all the latest info and pics.

Happy hooking,
Jane xx

Delicious Anticipation

You know that feeling when you have finished a project – happy that it has turned out well and sad in some ways because you’ve finished it  – but then there’s this moment when lots of ideas start to crowd into your head – what will the next project be, what colours, what type of yarn – ooohhh the possibilities are endless!

It’s that moment of delicious anticipation that I could experience all day long!  In some ways for me it’s about the hunting out of the pattern, seeing if it is exactly what you want, or whether you can alter it in some way to suit your purpose, choosing the yarn, the stitches you are going to use and all those bits before you even get close to your foundation chain!

My next project, I’ve decided,  will be a type of shawl that I can use in the winter to wrap round me while I am watching the telly or hooking away in our draughty living room!  I’ve chosen some yummy colours and the yarn choice is Katia Merino.  I have purchased two 50g balls each in the following colours – 3, 4, 10, 12, 13, 22, 29, 31 and 57 (they obviously can’t be bothered to give them names – shame as you could have such fun naming them!) but the yarn is supersoft 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool from Spain – here’s a pic (with 7 of the colours) so you get the idea

All a bit extravagent but I hope it will keep me warm.  I’ve found a brilliant pattern from a blog I follow, Moogly, and the pattern is called Leaping Stripes and Blocks which I hope will merge all the colours in really well so they look like leaves on an Autumn tree!
So I’ve got the yarn, I ‘ve got the stitch pattern I am going to use, now I need to find a pattern to follow, or bits of patterns that I can cobble together to make a shawl.  Watch this space for progress!
Are you anticipating something of a hooky (or not) nature!
Love Craft Hippy xox

Time to sort out the Stash!

My yarns have been building up and up in bags in the kitchen until you could barely get past the table, so the time has come to sort it all out and find a home for projects not ‘currently’ on the go!

This is not helped by my overwhelming desire to add to my stash at every opportunity – well, I can’t resist a bargain, and I also have another couple of projects in mind to start (like I need more to start!!!)

Trawling the net last week I saw this beautiful 100% Merino on sale at Deramores (although I now see it’s back to full price – so I got even more of a bargain)and I couldn’t resist!

How gorgeous are these colours?  I am planning to make a long rectangular shawl type thingy that I can wrap round me when I’m watching telly, or hooking in the Winter (my house is freezing!) I don’t have a pattern in mind but want to try a stitch I found recently on a blog I follow called Moogly. It’s called leaping stripes and blocks and there is a video tutorial which makes it really easy to see what to do – fantastic – so check it out!

Not content with one project I have also recently downloaded another fantastic pattern from the very talented Susan Carlson at Felted Button on Ravelry and got myself some (more) yarn, again from Deramores, this time King Cole Comfort Aran

So I am hoping to experiment with her rather odd looking stitches in the Crazy Good Mat & Blanket pattern – I hope I can get the gist!

So finally to the point of this post – I waffle on so much! -Here is my stash, all neatly sorted in my workroom.

Yes, I know there is enough to open a shop and to add to this problem, now that it is out of sight (rather than in the kitchen) I will probably forget what I’ve got and then go and order some more!  Yarn is a bit like handbags though – you can never have enough!

Lots of love,
Craft Hippy xxx