July Roundup – my best bits!

What a busy month it has been – work is very busy at the moment and we successfully moved our eldest son to his new digs at University.  A week’s holiday in Kefalonia in the Greek Islands then back to reality and work!

I’ve been busy with my Bujo as well, so here are my best bits of the month – hope you enjoy them.  I would love to hear your comments so feel free to leave one below.  Here’s to August!


Big moment for me this month, reaching 250 followers on Instagram – I just love the bullet journaling community – there is so much support out there for a relative newbie like me and your support is generous and kind.  Thanks to each and every one of you!


As well as journaling, I have been trying to practice a bit each day on my brush lettering but it’s hard!  Still practice makes perfect as they say and my lettering has come a long way since the beginning.



Packing a reading lists necessary this month as we travelled to Kefalonia for a week’s break in the sun – pure joy!


Not strictly bullet journal related but it was such a gorgeous place (swoon!)


No need for my weekly spread on holiday as it was relaxation all the way, so I though I would just practice a bit of lettering each day noting down something that we did!


Back to reality with a bump upon our return and the appaling atrocity suffered by the people of Nice in France.  My heart went out to each and every one of you.  We live in an evil world at times but we will not let them win!


One of my weekly spreads this month – wanted to make a few changes but not sure this left me enough space for notes, meals etc.  The great thing about bullet journaling though is that if you don’t like it or it doesn’t work for you then just change it next time.  Genius!

Happy July to you all and see you all in August!


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My Bullet Journal comes of age!

She was frivolous, colourful, a bit skittish and young but now she’s elegant, sophisticated, has gravitas and style!  My Bujo has come of age!  And it’s so exciting.

When I arrived home from work yesterday evening, there it was, sitting on the hall table just waiting for me.  What, I hear you ask.  Well, my Start Bay Notebook cover, that’s what!  Ready to wrap around my journal, but more than that, other slimmer journals, up to four in fact, all in the same beautiful leather cover!

Anyway enough of that – here is a little review of this beautiful thing – Enjoy 😀


Encased in a pretty cotton cover with a leather label, just ready to be opened….


Sneaking a little peek inside – immediately glad I chose the yellow option for the elastic..


And there she is!  Alongside my chunky yellow fountain pen (which incidentally matches my Leuchtturm1917 A5 notebook).  The leather is dyed all the way through and is stiff enough to keep its shape but not too stiff so that it feels hard….

Mine is the Start Bay Navigator, A5, made in Devon in the UK, from full grain, vegetable tanned leather.  I chose the original dark red/brown but there is also a chic tan version.


Inside you can see where the elastic is down the spine to hold up to four notebooks, although I fitted my Leuchtturm1917 through two pieces of elastic which left two spare for other notebooks…..


which I also purchased – shame on me!  Two side stapled Rhodia Dot Pads and a Clairefontaine Lined book.  I also treated myself to a set of self-adhesive transparent inserts and a transparent pocket insert.


My Bujo fits in neatly, although I think I would take it out if I was going to be using it for any length of time and this goes for the extra notebooks.  It would be quite difficult to write in the notebooks with the cover on as the knot on the cover elastic sits right in the middle of the right hand side – see two pictures up from this one and you will see what I mean.

There is a combination of a notebook on the left and a pad on the right, called a Duo and the knot for the cover elastic is in the spine – it would be a good idea to do this for the Navigator as well but I’m not that bothered about taking it in and out of the cover – assuming that this doesn’t compromise the elastic holding the notebooks in.


So here she is in all her glory – I feel that I need to name her now, something grown up and sophisticated of course!  I will have to put my thinking cap on or make a few notes in my Bujo! Thanks for reading and I hope you found it helpful.  I love to support British handmade goods but I’m pretty sure they ship worldwide.  Links below and please leave a comment if you have an observation or would like to ask a question.

Thanks for reading 💕 Jane xox


Doodling in the Instagram Challenge

This is the second month I have joined in with the doodling challenge over on Instagram run by @christina77star and @alexandra_plans and it has been great fun – I even got to doodle whilst I was away on holiday on the beautiful island of Kefalonia.

Here are some of the pictures:


I took my Staedtler Ergosoft pencils with me on holiday and they came in handy for the doodle project


Pretty nice view eh?


Pencilling in a few days before colouring – funky flip flops!


Back at home catching up with the rest of the month – I know the idea is to do one per day but sometimes I just don’t have the time so have to draw out a few.


Ahead of schedule but here is the finished spread in my bullet journal – very happy with the outcome – it will be something I can look back at in the winter months and remember all that sand and sea!

If you want to see other people’s work in the challenge just search the hashtag #doodlewithusinjuly over on Instagram.

Happy doodling for next month!

Jane 💕

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Bullet Journal – June Roundup

June seem to have come and gone in a flash!  Here are my memorable bits:


Nice opportunity to keep a record of my ever growing coloured pencil collection!


Followed closely by a bit of washi tape love!


Plenty to do in the garden this month, with so much rain there has been a massive growth of everything – including the weeds!


Monthly spread and meal planner – this was useful to refer to for appointments and for making the shopping list – definitely in for next month.


One of my favourite weekly spreads – I love a bit of washi and colour!


A big day for us here in the UK with the Referendum vote – but worth journaling about for future reference.


And plenty to celebrate with family and friends.  Along with atrocious weather.

But my highlight must have been the #doodlewithusinjune challenge run by two great doodlers on Instagram – Christina and Alexandra. Our challenge was #doodlewithusinJune and the theme was Under The Sea. Here’s how I got on! Read All Doodled Out In June to catch up with how the challenge worked.


So that was my June.  How was yours?  I love to look on Pinterest and Instagram to check out the latest from my favourite blogs?  If you have any recommendations, just leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear them…

Jane xx

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#MySpotOnEarth Challenge Week 6

There is a reason why the British love talking about the weather!  Why?  Because it changes so quickly over the space of hours and minutes you never know what you are going to get!

This week I have sheep on the paddock next to my garden, who greet me every morning with a very loud ‘Bahhhh” as I walk past on the way to feeding my chickens!  They are a friendly bunch (or maybe they think I am going to feed them) but they come trotting over to the fence to say hello, so I thought they could feature centre stage in my photo this week – accompanied by words from ‘The Lamb’ by William Blake.  All very British!

It was a tough choice this week as to what to feature.  The spice girls were high on the list….


Followed closely by the swaying Barley – looking lovely in the sunshine…..


But the lovely sheep won the day – getting a bit of shade on a beautiful sunny day…..


Want to showcase your beautiful spot in the world?  Where you live, whether it be countryside or urban?

Join our challenge and make your virtual world into reality.  It doesn’t have to show your house – just your surroundings – where you are at any given time in the area where you live.

Why don’t you join in? – it would be great to see the diversity of different places in the world.  If you are interested in this challenge then leave a comment and we can link them all together on Instagram.  Just tag #myspotonearth followed by your own local tag if you like.  Let’s make the virtual a reality! #theeastgateproject 💕

Jane xx

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Do You Bullet Journal on Holiday?

Work’s finished, clothes are on the spare bed, suitcase has been retrieved from the attic/shed/cupboard – you are all ready to go on your summer holiday.  Exotic locations, beautiful beaches, cool clear waters……..  Sounds sublime!

How are you going to record it all?  We all have our smartphones ready to capture the moment but the big question is – Will You Take Your Bullet Journal on holiday? Yes or No?

This is the conundrum I am currently facing.  Do I Bujo on my hols or not?  I have scoured favourite bullet journal websites and forums and the resounding answer is – HELL, YES!

So that’s what I’m gonna do!


I’ve got my packing list with a plan of what I’m wearing each night (more or less)….


I’ve got my lovely Leuchtturm 1917 in sunny yellow – very apt! and my gorgeous fountain pen……


Got my pencil case ready, with a selection of coloured pencils, pentel pencil, eraser and micron pen……


And my fab little LG printer and sticky pocket photo paper so I can print straight from my phone and stick a picture into my journal straight away.   No messing! And of course a bit of washi tape for decoration!

And last but not least ……


My holiday reading list – primed and ready to go on my Kindle!  What more could a girl ask for on her summer holiday!  Kefalonia, here I come……

What do you pack to bullet journal on hols?  I’d love to know so leave a comment below.  Happy holidays.

Jane xx

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