It’s Been a Bobbly Weekend!

Bobbles all round here – yesterday I posted about an amazing gift I received from Finland here and today I can report that my colourful baby bobble blanket – courtesy of the lovely website Moogly is growing by the day, ready to go to my cousin who is having a baby in the New Year.

There are more details about this crazy colourful project on my Ravelry page, giving details on the yarn, for anyone who is interested.  Would love to have your comments on the bobbles!  Has anyone else completed this project?
Look forward to hearing from you all and until then,
Happy Hooking!

Autumn Comes Round Again – time for crochet?

Autumn is definitely my season, not only because I love the colours of orange, yellow, green and brown but I love the early, dew-filled mornings, the smell of this season is particularly earthy and grounding and I love to walk outside when the sun is shining – all year, of course, but particularly in Autumn.

The last week or so here in Norfolk has been superb weather – as has much of the UK, but there is something really special about a big Norfolk sky – people complain that Norfolk is flat but they need to look up to appreciate it properly in my opinion – (sorry, feeling a bit opinionated today!)

Anyway, I digress.  All this talk of Autumn and some good news from a family member means that I now have the opportunity to make a baby blanket!  Having just finished another blanket for my biggest baby (now 18 and recently off to university) – see some yummy pics below, I have been at a bit of a loose end.  Now that the nights are drawing in and it will soon be time to light the fire, what better time that to begin a scrumptious crochet project for the Autumn!
So one off the hook ……….

And another one to start ……

And what is NOT to like about this yarn!  It’s a King Cole, DK Flash, colour Summer Fruit and you can follow my progress on my Ravelry page – here.  Ok, so colder days, fog, darker nights and probably rain are about to descend upon us as we charge through Autumn towards Winter but I will have this ray of sunshine to look at for the next few weeks/months which will remind me of all those beautiful sunny colours and bright Autumn days.
Happy hooking,