Hello and welcome to Craft Hippy – my little corner of the virtual world.  If you like journaling with a little bit of artistic flair thrown in then this is the place to be. I love my computer and all that it brings but I adore my journal with its pens and pencils and associated stationery.  So here you will find me combining the two – sharing a bit about my life and experiences but (hopefully) in a beautiful way! And trying to learn a bit from other bloggers along the way.

I am slightly obsessed with hand lettering, bullet journalling, crochet and colour.  I work four days per week as a Studio Manager for an Interior Design and Soft Furnisher in the beautiful North Norfolk countryside in the UK but love to spend any spare time I have teaching myself hand lettering, journalling and messing about on the web.  I also adore the Archers – a bit of a UK institution!

Why don’t you join in the fun and connect with me – I love to read other peoples blogs because I am basically nosy and I love to see all the beautiful work that is out there in the virtual world.  My aim is to bring virtual and reality together so we can all appreciate and share the huge amount of talent out there in the digital world!

Glad to have you along and thanks for stopping by!