Six Month Bullet Journal Review

As another bullet journal becomes full – my 5th in two years of this bullet journaling malarky – I really wanted to share my thoughts on what bullet journaling means to me and I would love to hear any comments or thoughts you have on how bullet journaling has helped you.

5th Bullet Journal
Another completed Scribbles That Matter (and they do) Journal

I used to keep a diary as a teenager and have a total record of my life from the ages of 13 or so until I was around 18. Β Then I stopped – not sure why, but clearly life got in the way! Β That’s why, when I discovered the Bullet Journal method two years ago I knew it was for me – a ‘no boundaries’ flexible system where you could include what you want, leave out what you want, be creative, artistic, get down your ideas and thoughts and hope that in the future someone else might cherish it!

Humour Gets You Through
Struggling with Menopause and no signs of stopping. Have to remain cheerful though!

I know that many use the system simply for being more productive and focused and this has certainly helped me at work – although you wouldn’t want to see pictures of my work ‘bujo’ as it’s dull and full of ‘to do’s’ and ‘to done’s’ but my personal Bujo, for me, is a journey of creativity which has been such a joy to fill in every day, as well as documenting my life as my boys grow and mature and start on their life journeys.

I feel that I am reaching a watershed in my life, so now is a great time for documenting it all in glorious (and inglorious) technicolour – one son graduating, one son off to univeristy hopefully, husband hopefully only a few years away from retirement, a time when I will be on my own for some of the week, a new puppy to keep me company, a new phase of my life post-menopause (I wish that bit would hurry up!!!) – so many changes and things to look forward to, rather than looking back!

Beautiful Places to Visit
The Sad and the Happy

So here is the last six months of my life – squished into various journal pages – all different styles, some more arty than others but all completed with love and thought, for posterity, for me! This is my time and I love every minute of writing it down! Β Enjoy and please leave me a comment if you feel the same about journaling, or if you feel different about it – I’d love to know.

Plenty to Do
Mixed Media
Final Thoughts

Until next time, let creativity be your happy place.

Jane 😁

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