The Measure of Love – #2 – Using Script to cover your background πŸŽ¨

I feel that things are moving on a pace in my art journal journey! Β Inspired by Debbie SaenzΒ blog postΒ with her beautiful mixed media I decided to do a bird cage of my own. There is a very old song, Victorian I think, which is about a bird in a gilded cage and how sad it is to be locked in a cage rather than free and this, teamed with some collage which I got free from Β Shawn Petite’s wonderfulΒ websiteΒ got me thinking about the measure of love, hence the basis for my mixed media piece.



After I’d done my background I wrote quotes (including the words from the song I mentioned above) all over it, giving it a script feel but in my own handwriting – which is a bit dodgy, but I don’t think that matters too much.

Some pages from a book form the birds and the paints areΒ Dyan Reaveley’sΒ acrylic paints which are so vibrant Β – I’m in the UK so get mine atΒ Art From The Heart. Β Here I have watered them down slightly as they can be a little too vibrant if you are looking for a more translucent look.

My gilded cage uses a glitter gel pen from my stash and the words are from an alphabet stamp set and I’ve usedΒ Tim HoltzΒ Distress Ink. Β Overall I am really happy with this piece and I think the scripted background is a good effect mixed in with all the other paper backgrounds.



Whatever your type of journaling is, bullet, art of something else, Β I hope you have a lovely time with it this weekend.

Jane πŸ’›


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