Scarlet the Harlot – Introducing my latest Bullet Journal ❤️

As the title of my blog suggests, I do like a bit of colour and I recently posted here about the latest addition to my journal collection in the form of a beautiful Chic Sparrow cover – you can read about it  here.  Now, I love this journal cover and it lives in my handbag all the time but I was very cross with the nasty customs people for charging me a whopping extra £28 to import it from the States (after it was already quite expensive) so, as much as I love it, I don’t think my budget can stretch to that amount in the future!

So, a challenge; to find another beautiful cover but from a UK Supplier.  I am already the proud owner of a Startbay Notebook A5 Navigator in dark brown (review here) which I love but I was after something a bit more colourful – perhaps for the Summer?

After a bit of a trawl around Etsy I found the perfect solution – and she is BEAUTIFUL!  So, please put your hands together for…..


This little Scarlet beauty from the amazing Meadowgate Leather and she certainly lives up to expectations, and then some.  The smell of leather when you open the package is gorgeous and she has been beautifully made.  This particular model is the Snowbell Deluxe and I chose a B6 size which sits slightly between an A5 and an A6 and suits my purposes very well.  Another bonus is the price – a LOT less than the Chic Sparrow and with none of the nasty customs suprises upon delivery!


You have lots of choices with this design as they are all made to order and I chose the Scarlet leather with Navy stitching and opted for various additions including the pen loop, horizontal wallet configuration inside the front cover, additional name tag, thread and elastic in Navy.  You can even choose how much overhang you would like if you are planning on packing a whole load of inserts into it – the standard is 10mm but there are also options for 17mm and a whopping 23mm if you really want to jam-pack it!

Jam-packing it brings me on nicely to inserts – again, quite hard to source these in the UK, especially in the B6 size but a big shout out for The Idea Owl, which is where I get mine from – and they sure are pretty!  As you can see, I was working on a Summer theme here, with my Bikini notebook (available in choices including dot grid, squared, ruled or plain), but I was trying to match them all to the gorgeous Scarlet red and my lovely Mint Green Kaweko fountain pen, which I got from Cult Pens and which fits nicely into the pen loop.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So there you have it – my latest addition and I am soooo happy with it – it is of the most beautiful quality, firm but soft at the same time and the smell ……..  did I mention the smell!  I just love the smell of leather – is that a bit weird? 😆.  All the links will take you to where I bought the products – I am not affiliated to them in any way, I just like these companies.

For anyone interested, here are all their Instagram accounts if you want to follow along. Is anyone else in love with their Meadowgate Leather journal?  I’d love to hear your comments.  Happy journaling and much love….

Jane 💛

Meadowgate Leather ❣️ The Idea Owl ❣️ Startbay Notebooks ❣️ Cult Pens ❣️




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