Am I a Mixed-Media Meddler?

I have chosen my words for this title carefully. Mainly because I want you to understand what is going on in my head (a miracle in itself!)

I love mixed media art. Statement of fact. I have loved it for years, without even knowing it – I used to sew things and then sell them at craft fairs and whenever I wandered around the fair looking at other people’s work I was always drawn to beautiful mixed media creations and wished that they were mine!

So it’s no surprise that when I started journaling I adopted an ‘arty’ kind of style, which in turn led to me trying my hand at art journaling – and this is where I feel the problems have begun – am I meddling in areas that are far beyond my comprehension?

Now I am a black and white kinda gal! And I’m also somewhat of a control freak so when I sit down to create a piece of art I have a hard time working out what to do – is this just me? Or does that happen to you too?

Where does that ‘idea’ come from? Can you learn to do that, or is it just inside you somehow? Why do I start off well, really enjoy the whole process but dislike the end result? There are so many questions that I need answers to but maybe I’ve missed the point – there aren’t any answers – which is why Art is such a subjective thing.

Take this for example – one of my first art journaling pieces which I completed this week-


Now I don’t like this. Simply another statement of fact. I started off loving it – the layers, the colours, the process. And then came the orange! I was trying to make it look like the sun was setting but all I seem to have achieved is a brown kind of a mess. I don’t like the boat either, for what it’s worth.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not downhearted about it and I am not trying to garner any kind of sympathy from you, the reader of this post, and I’m sure by the time I post on my next piece I will have moved on – it may even grow on me but the point of this blog post is that mixed media is confusing as there don’t seem to be any rules – and as you know I do like a rule or two (back to the right or wrong thing again).

This is a piece of work from an amazing artist I follow on YouTube and Instagram – you may already know her – Shawn Petite – she also has a blog at


I love this – the colours, the design, the meaning (Shawn explains her thinking behind each piece on her Sunday Inspiration slot on YouTube).  But why do I love it? What makes this appealing?  Are there rules that have been followed? (bit of a theme going on here!)

I’d like to document my mixed media journey and it would be good to have you along, with any insights, tips or advice that you feel you could contribute – positive or negative -I don’t mind – I just want to open a dialogue and see where it takes us.  Perhaps there are rules I need to follow – I just don’t know what they are yet but as and when I find out I’d be happy to share them with you here!

Until then, happy journaling of whatever kind!

Jane 💛


One thought on “Am I a Mixed-Media Meddler?

  1. I really enjoyed reading this Jane. As you know I am very new to art journaling too. I love the piece that you created and I’m not just saying that to be kind. My least favourite page in my art journal is my partner’s favourite piece. That’s partly what fascinates me, how differently everyone sees things and the varying array of styles. I completed a “Take 5” page yesterday – Kyra Pace has a list on her blog which you print out, cut up and put in a pot. Me and daughter took 5 things out yesterday and created a page using the same prompts, with entirely different results – I loved how we interpreted the prompts so differently. As to whether there are any rules? I can’t help with that I’m afraid!! I hope you continue to enjoy your art journal journey though!! Happy Sunday, Helen xx

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