Instagram Madness and So Much Love πŸ’–

The whole Bullet Journal community on Instagram and Facebook and elsewhere is simply amazing – I have ‘virtually’ met the kindest, most complimentary, supportive and downright gorgeous people in the whole wide world – and I mean the World as they are from all parts of the globe.

This week saw my ‘following’ on Instagram hit 1500 people, which amazes and humbles me – I’m so grateful that there are that many people interested in what I do and the artistic creativity and inspiration this provides is awesome. Β So thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

Version 2

Through the InCoWriMo challenge (not strictly an Instagram thing but showcased there) I have had ‘snail mail’ from around the world and this culminated this week in two of my favourite Insta mates, Helen (@journalwithpurpose) and Jacqui (@nutmeg_cottage) sending me the most amazing stash of goodies, including stickers, paper and a beautiful handmade art journal which takes pride of place in my Startbay Notebook!

All of these amazing people share a common interest in journaling and are extraordinary with their support and praise which, although virtual, makes this one of the best communities to belong to on the whole wide web! Β Sorry for the gushing, but it is so heartfelt!

Here is some of the amazing goodies I have received:

@journalwithpurpose on Instagram – check out Helen’s amazing feed….

@nutmeg_cottage – and Jacqui’s amazing work can also be found on Instagram.

Have a lovely weekend, one and all and make sure you share the love! πŸ’–

Jane πŸ’›

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