Blast From The Past.. a very old stationery addiction!

I just had to mention this on my blog as it made me laugh!  Years ago (and I mean at least 20) when I first met my husband we were spending the weekend away with some friends.  Filofaxes were clearly in fashion (first time round) and our trip away must have involved a visit to a craft fair of some sort.

Anyway, my friend bought an amazing wooden filofax cover,  handmade and utterly gorgeous, and my husband-to-be bought me a glass pig.  Yes, I know, a glass pig!  I was clearly so in love with him I was thrilled with this gift but I must admit I have always secretly coveted the filofax cover instead!  The pig had a 5 pence piece in it (not sure why!)


I know, beautiful isn’t it (this will be appreciated by the Bullet Journal minded!)


We have just been away for the weekend and the amazing filofax cover was out on the kitchen counter!  “I remember that from year’s ago” says I.  “Didn’t you get a glass pig” says my friend!  Stationery envy rears its ugly head and we dissolve into fits of laughter!

Yes, the filofax cover was/is amazing.  But so is my husband and so is my pig!


which stands proudly on the display unit and has done for the last 20 years!

Have a happy journaling week my friends…..

Jane xx 💖

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