What’s happening in your part of the World?

Summer is rushing by, at least it seems that way.  I’ve been on a week’s holiday to Kefalonia in Greece and now I’m back at work so the days seem to go by so quickly – the only person relishing all this time off is my son who has done his exams this year and is eagerly awaiting the results at the end of this month!

One day I was walking up the lane with Monty and the field was full of barley – the next day it had been harvested and the straw bales were all lined up ready for collection!


Having said that, the field directly next to my house has these strange things growing in it and for ages after I moved to this beautiful part of the world (from the city) I thought they were parsnips!  But they’re Sugar Beet which are harvested at the end of the year and go off to be made in great British sugar!


So we will be mid-August next week and I wonder what secrets the lane will give up!  I hope you’re having a lovely summer wherever you may be in the world.  If you want to join in the challenge – which you can at any time – just take a photo from your little spot in the world and tag your photos on instagram #myspotonearth.  I look forward to seeing them!

Jane 💕💕

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