#MySpotOnEarth Challenge Week 9

Many things have been said about Norfolk in the United Kingdom and one of them is that it’s flat!  Now this may be true however this can mean only one thing – BIG SKY!

On my walk up the lane this week I noticed the sky, an overwhelming blue with wispy clouds forming and wanted to capture the magnitude of it all.  Makes you feel very small but privileged to live in this corner of the world!


Poppies creeping through the grass and rubble in a farmer’s field.


A wealth of dandelions and grasses in the verge by the side of the lane.


Cornflowers in the shade of a big oak tree.


And grasses galore, all waiting to shed their seeds in the wind.

IMG_6219 (1)

And all underneath that huge Norfolk Sky!

My Eastgate project highlights the place where I live, #myspotonearth and is a journal collection of photographs, one from each week of the year.  If you would like to share your spot on earth then join in on Instagram using the hashtag #myspotonearth.  Details on the challenge can be found here.

So here is my entry for week 9 –



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