Doodling in the Instagram Challenge

This is the second month I have joined in with the doodling challenge over on Instagram run by @christina77star and @alexandra_plans and it has been great fun – I even got to doodle whilst I was away on holiday on the beautiful island of Kefalonia.

Here are some of the pictures:


I took my Staedtler Ergosoft pencils with me on holiday and they came in handy for the doodle project


Pretty nice view eh?


Pencilling in a few days before colouring – funky flip flops!


Back at home catching up with the rest of the month – I know the idea is to do one per day but sometimes I just don’t have the time so have to draw out a few.


Ahead of schedule but here is the finished spread in my bullet journal – very happy with the outcome – it will be something I can look back at in the winter months and remember all that sand and sea!

If you want to see other people’s work in the challenge just search the hashtag #doodlewithusinjuly over on Instagram.

Happy doodling for next month!

Jane πŸ’•

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