Brush and Fountain Pen Review

As I mentioned in my last post here I am slightly stationery obsessed and found myself purchasing a few more pens – like I need these!  So I thought it would be a good idea to do something useful with my new stash and review them!

So here goes…..  First up is the Lanxivi Jinhao 159 Medium Nib Fountain Pen which I purchased from Amazon in the UK for a JAW-DROPPING £8.00 👍


Sitting in rather a colour coordinated way in the middle of this week’s spread in my ever-so-lovely bullet journal!  She is chunky with a screw top lid and has a weighty feel with a good balance when writing and has smooth ink delivery – bit technical! She writes nicely 😀 in other words…..


Excuse my doodling ‘work in progress’ but now you can see the nib which is medium and gives a nice smooth line – there is not much change between thick and thin but I don’t think this pen was designed for calligraphy use – just for general writing.  I am really pleased with it – for the price it is amazing, rivalling many more expensive pens that I have seen recently.  And one more thing in its favour – the colours.  It comes in black, blue, yellow, purple, orange, champagne (gold), green, white and red, so plenty of opportunity for further purchases!

Not content with these two pens (I also bought one in green) I then decided to buy some more brush pens.  Now, I have some Tombow Dual Brush Pens and love them but holey, moley they are expensive!  When I saw these ones from Amazon which were a fraction of the price I thought, hey, why not – nothing ventured.


These are by a company called Magicdo which is written in the description on Amazon – I must admit I’d never heard of them but other reviewers gave them the thumbs up and they don’t disappoint – so far!

They are not as ‘floppy’ as the Tombow pens can be and the brush is a little more solid – however you can still get very thin and thick lines depending on the pressure used.  The colours are lovely and they seem to be full of ink although I am not sure how long this will last – watch this space.


So, altogether a good few purchases to add to my stash. Does anyone else use these pens or similar?  I’d love to get your feedback, so leave comment below or catch up with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – buttons at the top.

Jane 💕

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