#MySpotOnEarth Challenge Week 6

There is a reason why the British love talking about the weather!  Why?  Because it changes so quickly over the space of hours and minutes you never know what you are going to get!

This week I have sheep on the paddock next to my garden, who greet me every morning with a very loud ‘Bahhhh” as I walk past on the way to feeding my chickens!  They are a friendly bunch (or maybe they think I am going to feed them) but they come trotting over to the fence to say hello, so I thought they could feature centre stage in my photo this week – accompanied by words from ‘The Lamb’ by William Blake.  All very British!

It was a tough choice this week as to what to feature.  The spice girls were high on the list….


Followed closely by the swaying Barley – looking lovely in the sunshine…..


But the lovely sheep won the day – getting a bit of shade on a beautiful sunny day…..


Want to showcase your beautiful spot in the world?  Where you live, whether it be countryside or urban?

Join our challenge and make your virtual world into reality.  It doesn’t have to show your house – just your surroundings – where you are at any given time in the area where you live.

Why don’t you join in? – it would be great to see the diversity of different places in the world.  If you are interested in this challenge then leave a comment and we can link them all together on Instagram.  Just tag #myspotonearth followed by your own local tag if you like.  Let’s make the virtual a reality! #theeastgateproject 💕

Jane xx

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