Do You Bullet Journal on Holiday?

Work’s finished, clothes are on the spare bed, suitcase has been retrieved from the attic/shed/cupboard – you are all ready to go on your summer holiday.  Exotic locations, beautiful beaches, cool clear waters……..  Sounds sublime!

How are you going to record it all?  We all have our smartphones ready to capture the moment but the big question is – Will You Take Your Bullet Journal on holiday? Yes or No?

This is the conundrum I am currently facing.  Do I Bujo on my hols or not?  I have scoured favourite bullet journal websites and forums and the resounding answer is – HELL, YES!

So that’s what I’m gonna do!


I’ve got my packing list with a plan of what I’m wearing each night (more or less)….


I’ve got my lovely Leuchtturm 1917 in sunny yellow – very apt! and my gorgeous fountain pen……


Got my pencil case ready, with a selection of coloured pencils, pentel pencil, eraser and micron pen……


And my fab little LG printer and sticky pocket photo paper so I can print straight from my phone and stick a picture into my journal straight away.   No messing! And of course a bit of washi tape for decoration!

And last but not least ……


My holiday reading list – primed and ready to go on my Kindle!  What more could a girl ask for on her summer holiday!  Kefalonia, here I come……

What do you pack to bullet journal on hols?  I’d love to know so leave a comment below.  Happy holidays.

Jane xx

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