All Doodled Out In June

Well what a great time I’ve had this June joining in with two great doodlers on Instagram – Christina and Alexandra. Our challenge was #doodlewithusinJune and the theme was Under The Sea. Here’s how I got on! 

Started out quite calmly but a bit unsure of what I was doing!

Started to warm to my theme – it’s been a long time since I used coloured pencils! 

Brilliant fun…

Forgot how much I loved to doodle!

Not bad so far

I’m using my Leuchtturm 1917 notebook which is my current bullet journal.

And lots of colour pencils including Pelikan, Derwent and Staedtler

Which really make the colours zing!

Not quite Finding Nemo but a happy clown fish nonetheless. 

And here is the finished article.  If you want to see everyone else’s amazing doodles then visit Instagram and search #doodlewithusinjune. A big shout out to bossgirlbujo   the_bulletjournal_addict   stnrylovers   planningmyday   and of course Christina and Alexandra – links above – all of their doodling was amazing!

Did you join in this challenge?  Wasn’t it great!  Happy doodling in your Bujo’s everyone 

💕💕💕 Jane 💕💕💕

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