My Little Spot on Planet Earth

As I mentioned in my last post, which you can see here I am hoping to capture a photograph each week of my surroundings and what they mean to me.  So, first off, here I am – this is me, in Eastgate – a little rural hamlet in North Norfolk, UK.


It is 30th May 2016 and as you will see below, the weather is kinda grey (and none too warm!)  Never mind.


This is my lane (well the one I walk up and down most days).  There are several houses and farms and lots of open countryside, which is amazing.

Why don’t you join in? – it would be great to see the diversity of different places in the world.  If you are interested in this challenge then leave a comment and we can link them all together on Instagram.  Just tag #myspotonearth followed by your own local tag if you like.  Let’s make the virtual a reality! #theeastgateproject 💕

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