Shall we make Virtual into Reality?

I love following blogs – people are so interesting and there is so much to learn out there on the web but sometimes it’s nice to know where people actually are in the world, in real time, rather than in the virtual.

Enter The Eastgate Project – I know, sounds like some medical experiment 😬 but it isn’t – I promise!


Eastgate is where I live – a rural hamlet in the heart of the Norfolk countryside in the United Kingdom. Β I am very, very lucky to live here – it is a truly beautiful place. Β We chose to move here when my two sons were 8 and 5, 11 years ago, as I did not want them to grow up in the suburb of London where we had lived all our lives up until that point.

Day after day I walk the country lanes with my dog and we go to the beach (in all weather) and I love it – it is a special place – so I wanted to share the virtual with the digital world – hence the Eastgate Project.

One day a week I take a photo of my surroundings and bullet journal about it. Β Then it’s on to Instagram for you all to see. Β That’s it! Β After a year I am hoping to have captured the changing seasons and have a beautiful journal as a keepsake (with a bit of art thrown in!) – I’m using a leuchtturm1917, A6 size for all you Bujo junkies out there!

Why don’t you join in? – it would be great to see the diversity of different places in the world. Β If you are interested in this challenge then leave a comment and we can link them all together on Instagram. Β Just tag #myspotonearth followed by your own local tag if you like. Β Let’s make the virtual a reality! #theeastgateproject πŸ’•

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