Colour Ta Da or Disaster?

Continuing my colour theme I thought I would share with you a bit about using three colours – now these could be next to each other on the colour wheel but for the purposes of this post I am focusing on Split Complementary colours – this sounds a bit technical but it isn’t.

Take a main colour and then look for its opposite – that is your complementary colour and I posted about that last time, here.  Split complementary, however, takes the two colours either side of the complementary, thus introducing a load more choices for decorating and crafting projects.

So far I have concentrated on interiors for my colour schemes (probably because I work in an interiors studio) but colour principals apply to all sorts of projects, not just interiors.  So this time I am including some colour schemes for crochet projects (very close to my heart) but this could also be applied to fabric choices which could mean curtains and blinds but also quilts and accessories.

As all of you crocheters, knitters, quilters and generally brilliant crafters know, it takes a hUuuUuugE amount of time to make a blanket or quilt or other garment and you put a little piece of yourself into each project – I know I do!

So you don’t want to get half way through and then realise that whilst your crochet pattern or similar may be beautiful you have TotALLy make the wrong colour choices!  I speak from experience here and have ended up either abandoning the project entirely or frogging it to keep the yarn for something else.

Now some people just choose colour instinctively – I particularly like the way Lucy at Attic24 talks about how she chooses colour (without a mention of the colour wheel I might add!) – however she does mention the importance of tone in her choices and balancing the colours which she does beautifully.

Some other beautiful blanket colour choices that caught my eye, and follow the split complementary principals, are shown here:
This beautiful blanket, which I found on the blog crocheTime shows that violet (as the main colour) has yellow/green and yellow/orange as its split complementary colours – ok, so the yellow orange has been toned down to a beige and the yellow/green has also been toned down, both by the addition of grey and a bit of blue has sneaked in but you get the gist?  They all just work and look, well complementary!  Here they are on the colour wheel (courtesy of In Color Order)
And here they are on my colour wheel (which shows toned and tinted versions of the colours) which makes it easier to see

And here, on the blog Little Tin Bird you can see that the colours complement one another – the main blue/green with tinted red (to make pinks) and bright oranges – with some other colours in-between -and on my interior colour wheel making the tones and tints easier to see
So colour plays an important role in all of our projects, whether crafty or interior or fashion for that matter!  By applying a few basic principals you will hopefully NoT make any disastrous colour choices and ensure that your crochet sits harmoniously in your space!
Have you had any colour disasters?  Or huge successes, like the ones above.  I’d love to hear about them so please feel free to leave me a comment.  Until next time, keep your colours happy…

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