Died and Gone To Finland!

Which is very similar to heaven at present as I got this in the post today from our cousins who live in Germany but one of whom is Finnish (so they visit Finland regularly)

And what a lovely surprise!  It is GorGEoUS and full of FeLTY fUN and I absolutely love it!  Of course, me being me I immediately went on to the internet to see if I could buy some more but ALaS could not find a UK supplier – oh well, I will just have to go to Finland myself then!

The company that make them are called Dekorando – well, they design them and they are made in Nepal but a quick shufty on their website and I was rewarded with the most amazing felty yumminess with that unmistakable Scandinavian design – a winning combination.

Cute Little Coasters!

Ideal for your coffee

All made from 100% Lambs Wool


Just Look at that Shop – book me my plane ticket immediately!

Has anyone else come across these amazing felty items!  Would love to know a bit more about them so please leave a comment if you have!

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