Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Project

Quite excited really.  Have a spare room – well sort of spare, more recently vacated by my eldest son who is currently at University in Bristol.  So not totally spare as he will be coming back (hopefully for holidays) but spare enough for a spot of redecoration!

Originally the plan was to ditch the bed as it was VeRy old and VERY orange! (I had that bed in my very first flat and I am VEry old too!)  Then we thought it would be a good idea to build in some wardrobes to make more space but our lovely house is well over 200 years old – built in wardrobes – am I thinking straight!

Then I came up with a plan – paint the furniture, add a door to make a small wardrobe (painted of course) and remove the tall chest of drawers to somewhere else and then a new blind and a lick of paint and – hey presto, good as new!

Clearly I am late to the party when it comes to paint renovation – I know it was all very ‘in’ during the 1980’s with paint effects, stencils and the like but didn’t realise that there has been a bit of a resurgence in its popularity!  So that is my plan.

I have acquired the Annie Sloan colour chart (apparently AS is the doyenne of the painted furniture world) and am now quite excited to see the possibilities abound in making horrible orange furniture look gorgeous.

I have also purchased her book – due shortly from Amazon which I am hoping will tell me what the hell to do!  So watch this space, lovely reader and wait for a spot of transforming!

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