It’s Been A Long Time

Hello from the depths of Norfolk, UK.  It’s been a long time – too long in fact but I got a bit sidetracked – as you do – and something had to give!

Still, here we are many months later.  I’ve been busy with this and that and life – you know how it is. But I have not been idle.  Many beautiful things have been (and still continue to be) created with hook and yarn and love.

I finished up the Moogly CAL which I started in January 2014 and the result was a beautiful blanket and Christmas present for my niece who is away at University – she loved it and I am happy about that!

Several other blankets are still in production – I get bored with the same thing and readers of this blog know that I am useless at starting and finishing one thing at a time!  However my ripple blanket is doing well (needed for eldest who is hopefully going to University in September) and the Country Fresh Blanket is for the other son (who didn’t want to be left out – I ask you, nothing like sibling rivalry!)

And I am now finally doing something for myself – and it’s pRettY gorgeous, even if I say so myself! My chunky waffle blanket in a scrumptious variegated super chunky yarn (Stylecraft Swift Knit).
It’s extremely squidgeable – even Mr Hippy keeps sticking his fingers in it!  And so, so soft.  It crochets up really quickly but My Goodness does it eat yarn!
So not by any means cheap – but then I’m not a cheap girl and it is for ME!
It’s lovely to be back – although I was never really away, keeping in touch with all my other blogging friends – hopefully now there is a bit more time – or is that wishful thinking!

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