Alpine Shawl Beginnings

The anticipation, waiting for the yarn (which comes mighty quick, this time from Deramores) and then we can begin.

Except we can’t!  The yarn comes as a skein, so first we have to wind it into a ball – tedious but otherwise there will be a proper mess!  I used the backs of two chairs, hooking the skein over them both and then winding into a ball.

So now we can begin!  The free pattern, here, is quite easy to follow although you do have to pay attention to begin with but I am hoping that once I get into it, it will become a bit second nature!
Here we are so far – it will DefINItelY need to be blocked as it’s a bit scrunched up but this yarn, Araucania Botany, is divine – 100% fine Merino, lace weight and I am using a 4mm hook.
Not sure about the top left pic though – looks like something out of a biology text book (or is that just me!)  What do you think of it so far?
Happy Hooking
Jane xx

10 thoughts on “Alpine Shawl Beginnings

  1. I like blue and green together and it was always a mystery to me why some people say those colours should not be mixed. Mother Nature got it right!


  2. Love the yarn! Your comment made me smile – it does look a bit, well, mossy at the moment, but only because it's small and I was dealing with a lot of moss in my garden today! 😉 I look forward to seeing it develop! Chrissie x


  3. I am halfway through a project that I am completing for a friend (all hush hush) so I can't blog about it yet as she'll read it, but I've reached a part that I can't continue with today. So after my sons footie match I will be back on the mossy shawl! Xx


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