Up The Lane

There were some pretty things to see up the lane this morning when I was walking with Monty – usually we just walk by but this morning I had my phone with me so snapped away, as you do!

Pity the sun wasn’t out but there was still beauty all around if you care to look.  The horse chestnut flowers look amazing at the moment and this perfect dandelion clock will probably have lost all its seeds by lunchtime.

There is more cow parsley now – it must be a second flowering and there are loads of these little blue flowers – the picture is deceiving as they are much darker blue with darker green leaves but my phone didn’t capture this.  Does anyone know what it is?  It must be pretty common as it’s everywhere!

And maybe this is how Monty saw things this morning (dogs don’t see colour well, do they?) Isn’t PicMonkey a wonderful thing!
More news on my latest WIP, the Arctic shawl later – very happy with it’s beginnings!  Have a great Wednesday.
Jane xx

5 thoughts on “Up The Lane

  1. Hi Jane,
    Love the wild flowers. I thought I knew most common ones but the blue flower had me stumped. My husband bought me “Wild Flowers” by Sarah Raven a couple of years ago so I trawled through it and bingo!!! I think it's called Green Alkanet and is a 'cousin' of the anchusa which is a garden flower. Apparently the flowers are edible so can be put in ice cubes,salads etc. The plant also gives a red dye and often found near medieval abbeys where it was cultivated for the dye. (end of lesson)
    The photos are great. Aren't our wild flowers, even the dandelion clock, beautiful.


  2. Hi Catherine. Thanks so much for your comment and thanks for identifying my mystery flower – even from my picture which wasn't that good! I looked it up on Google and it is definitely Green Alkanet – I think it's beautiful but when I googled it most of the responses were how to get rid of it! It grows like wildfire in my part of Norfolk especially on the banks of rural lanes. I love this time of year – so much to see! Jane x


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