Shawl Obsessed – Again!

I really shouldn’t look through blogland – you find too many things you want to make and for me that’s bAD! – she of the situation where there are far too many WIP’s going on!  Anyhoooooo….

So on a trawl around last night I saw on my FB feed via Moogly a link to Kim Guzman, who does these round-ups of lovely patterns and there it was, bottom left of the collage – the most beautiful shawl ever! (well, ok apart from my Nordic Shawl) but gorgeous none the less – I obviously couldn’t wait to click the link to the (free) pattern which is by Cascade Yarns.

So here it is, my next WIP – what do you think?  (check out the other photos on the pattern, they are much better but I don’t seem to be able to get them into this post!!!)

(sorry for rubbish photo!)
I want it in a lighter yarn though, this is DK in the picture, so I then HaD to trawl around my favourite yarn websites, whereupon I found this – Araucania Botany, a lace weight yarn with a natural dyed variation type look.  Gorgeous isn’t it!
The photos from the stash section on Ravelry, give you a much better idea of how the yarn looks and I think it looks miGHty FiNE!  Veeeeerrrrryyyy excited (can’t you tell!)  Also think I will not need as much as they state in the pattern as it is a lighter weight, so I have ordered two skeins.  Watch this space for when it arrives and I get started – like I haven’t got enough to do!
Happy Hooking Wednesday….
Jane xx

6 thoughts on “Shawl Obsessed – Again!

  1. Well I think more than one shawl is a necessity for these springtime temperatures, and you have chosen a beauty! (So says the gal who has not one, not two, but three more shawls in progress!) Chrissie x


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