Moogly Afghan CAL so far ……

Having just completed my 8th block in the Moogly Afghan CAL I thought it would be a nice idea to show you where I am with it so far – courtesy of a PicMonkey collage.

Each block will be approximately 13″ square as this is how they are coming up (I obviously crochet looser than some others as I think they are supposed to be 12″ – but as long as they are all the same size I guess it doesn’t matter!)
I am using acrylic yarn in four shades of grey and a 5.00mm hook but I think I might introduce a burgundy colour for joining them together and the border.
If you don’t know what the Moogly Afghan CAL is – and let’s face it, why should you – Moogly is a blog I follow by a very talented lady called Tamara. Β She does lots of YouTube video tutorials on stitches and patterns and pretty much taught me to crochet. Β She has organised a CAL (crochet-along) which will last the whole year, with two blocks a month for people to follow if they wish.
It’s a great way of doing a large project as it’s broken down and doesn’t feel too daunting – plus there are loads of other people doing it at the same time – there are pages on Ravelry showing everyones works of art and there is something good about knowing others are doing the same project at the same time!
Happy Hooking

2 thoughts on “Moogly Afghan CAL so far ……

  1. Hi Jane, Love the Mooglies! Thanks for also sharing the link to PicMonkey. I have been wondering how to do collages with text for my blog. I've had a bit of a try out this morning and updated my Facebook cover. I'll have a look at the CAL but I'm not sure I'm ready for it yet. Still doing Maybelle flowers.


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