Easter Bits and Bobs

It’s been a brilliant week off from work.  Mr Hippy was off for part of it and both the boys are still on holiday so it seems to have gone really slowly – will be a shame to have to go back next week but all good things and all that!

Anyway, I have been busy with loads of projects – obviously the Mandala madness – posted about last week, but now the next block in the Moogly CAL (block No. 8) has just been published so I have had the chance to get straight to it.

I’m really loving the texture of this block – very three dimensional!  It’s not too late to join in with Tamara’s CAL, just follow the link above – we’ve got ’till Christmas!

I’m also using some Rico Essentials Cotton DK for a project at present – it comes in an amazing 66 colours (from Wool Warehouse) and crochets really well – it’s mercerised so has a bit of a shiny appearance but I kinda like it!  I’m following a lovely pattern from Color ‘n Cream and it’s working out well so far – watch this space for an update soon!

The other yarn I’m playing with (for my Mandalas) is also a Rico – their creative cotton Aran – the colours are gorgeous and I used this yarn for my Funky Flower Cushion which was a pattern from the popular Attic24 website by Lucy.  It does split a bit so you have to be careful – less watching of the TV and more concentrating required!

Aren’t holidays precious!  They do seem to whizz by though – it’s been a busy one, culminating in a big family get together tomorrow (with friends too – although they are more like family) – I’m cooking turkey!  Christmas all over again!!!!!  Where ever you are in the world and whatever you believe – have a peaceful time.

Jane xox

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