Joining in the Mandala Madness – Again!

These critters are addictive! They seem to appear magically before your eyes and before you know it you have a gorgeous circle of loveliness! Aided and abetted by the lovely Chrissie at Chrissie Crafts I am now officially Mandala Mad! Here are my offerings! Now – where to put them!

Most of these are a variation on the spring Mandala pattern from the gorgeous Made in K-Town with a few twists from me but each of them were great fun to make. Thanks for the inspiration Chrissie!
Jane xx



7 thoughts on “Joining in the Mandala Madness – Again!

  1. To be honest Steph I'm not sur what they are for – other than looking nice. You can put things on them, a bit like a doily but I thought I would sew beads to one of mine and put it over a bowl, although I'm not sure it would keep the flies off! Xx


  2. Great job! They all look lovely! I love how they just fly off my hook. Made in K-town was the first one I ever did and still my “go to” pattern. I have made so many that I am giving them away for Easter gifts with a candle.


  3. Hi Jane, thanks for popping over and your kind comments on my mandala. You're right they are addictive and I've almost finished my second. Loving yours and especially the top one – lovely colour combination. I have a link to the K-Town pattern somewhere so will have to look it up and have a go. x


  4. Hello – sorry it's taken so long to respond. I really like the first one you've made, this pattern makes great looking coasters. I may have to give variegated yarn a go too. I really want to make the starflower mandala by zelna olivier next, it's a beaut!


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