Basket Lining Tutorial

Mr Hippy and I have been away for the weekend to Stratford-upon-Avon, whereupon we came upon a gorgeous basket that I could TOTtaLLy see filled with yarn!

So as I have a few days off this week, I thought I would spend my morning making a liner for the basket as the last thing I need is for my YaRN to get caught up!

I trawled the net for a while to see if there were any good tutorials to be found, and on the lovely Ruffled Sunshine I found a really good one, explaining the maths, which I always struggle with.  So I started by making a template of the bottom of the basket and choosing the fabric I was going to use (from my stash).

Then I overlocked all my pieces so they wouldn’t fray – you could easily use pinking shears if you don’t have an overlocker.

Then I stitched the two side pieces right sides together to make a tube, making sure you have both the wider sides at the top and the narrower sides at the bottom!
The next stage requires LArGe amounts of PiNS – boring I know, but necessary otherwise you will end up with a large bunch of fabric down one end as sewing machines have a nasty habit of pushing the fabric at different rates!

A good tip here is to fold your base into quarters before you start pinning and also fold the tube into four – you can iron in where the creases should go.  Then match up the two crease marks with the two seams and the other two crease marks with the ones on the tube – that way you know that you have a quarter of both tube and base in each section – again this stops it bunching up one end.  Then stitch all the way round using just under a 2cm seam allowance.  
Now, originally I was going to have an overlap but then I decided that might be a bit too complicated, so I decided to fold the fabric under and stitch it to the top of the basket instead!

Next, I marked a couple of  centimetres round the top of the basket once I had fitted it inside and then took it out and cut to the line – I overlocked it again to secure it – and then placed it back inside the basket.

Next I pinned it securely making sure that the base was pushed down into the basket and then turned under the top, pinning again until it was secure all the way round.

When I got to the handles, I cut into the seam a little bit so that there was some ‘give’ before turning under and pinning securely.
As this basket is for yarn I thought it would be a good idea to secure the top using some aran weight acrylic yarn and blanket stitch.  When I got to the handles I did a running stitch to hold it securely.

And there you have it – Ta Dah – what do you think?  I’m mighty happy with it – it looks great and will stop the contents catching on the basket weave.  Not bad for a mornings work – now I just need to fill it with yarn! 

 There, that’s better! Happy hooking!


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