Garden Gorgeousness!

I am out pegging the washing, as you do, the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day so I thought I would share with you what I can see in my garden.

Pretty Primulas soaking up the sun
Buttery yellow cowslips waving in the breeze
Blossom on the Damson tree and daffodils all in a line behind
The beautiful pink blossom of the Ribes shrub (blackcurrant)
A couple of common daisies, although there’s plenty more where they came from in my lawn!
And last but not least, the reason why I rushed out to the garden in the first place –
The most beautiful sight to see on a Saturday afternoon –
Just out of hibernation and looking for nettles –
The most gorgeous –
Amazing –
Peacock Butterfly
A sight for sore eyes, and no mistake
Enjoy your weekend – that picture made mine!
Jane x
What beautiful things are in your garden? Β I’d love to see – Link in and show off your pretties! Β It’s free – just click on the link below – I’ll start –

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