Colour Crazy

Those of you who follow my blog will know that I luuuurrrrvvveee colour and on Pinterest there are lots of pictures of colour composites i.e. where there is a main picture and then colour swatches of colours from that picture around it.  
They appeal to me HUGELY and I thought they were only able to be created by clever graphic designers with expensive software.  NOT TRUE!
I have found the most brilliant tutorial on creating one of these on the blog knitsofacto – I highly recommend a look at this blog – and it’s creator, Annie, is part of something called The Colour Collaborative which is also worth exploring if you like colour.  She has joined forces with another fave blogger of mine – Sandra at Cherry Heart, plus some new blogs to explore – Gillian at Tales from a Happy House, CJ at Above the River, Jennifer at Thistlebear and Sarah at Mitenska.
So I thought I would have a go!  Thanks to the free software PicMonkey I can now colour composite to my heart’s content.  It’s going to be a colour fest around here today and I will post my composites to Pinterest on their very own board here, along with others that I see and love, so join in and follow my board if you wish.

What do you think?
Happy Wednesday
Jane x

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