Joining in the Mandala Madness!

Saw some lovely posts via Bloglovin’ on these pesky little critters – I think the original pattern was on  Barbara Smith’s blog – Made in K-town – here but the blog I follow was sweetpea family, written by Sue and she was saying how she had caught the Mandala bug – here are her endeavours which are gorgeous.
I then saw that Chrissie, over at Chrissie Crafts was also at it! so I thought – better join in then!
By coincidence we have just had some new yarn delivered to the soft furnishings shop I manage and I thought this may make a good Mandala – being quite lazy I thought, as it was variegated, I wouldn’t have to change colours – and I think it’s worked out kinda well – although some of the others do look better – but a good start and a quick project so I can see why they are addictive!!!
This yarn is Olympus Patchwork DK, Shade 70206, 100% acrylic anti-pilling, according to the label!
Have a great Thursday
Jane xx

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