New Importance for the Nordic Shawl

I know that this shawl pattern has been doing the rounds in Blogland and I am pleased that I bought the pattern and made my own.  This very short post is to link to My Rose Valley’s recent post about the Nordic Shawl – here
In it Annette describes the reason for writing the pattern in the first place and I found her story very touching and will think about her words every time I wear my shawl and hope that others will link to her post to share in her story.  
That seems to be the wonder of Blogland – people coming together and sharing via a common theme – in my case crafting, crochet in particular, but whatever your passion it is great to share it in cyberspace.  There are often many reasons why we create a certain piece of work and it’s great to hear the ‘back story’ of many of them.
Take care and enjoy your week.

2 thoughts on “New Importance for the Nordic Shawl

  1. Thanks for your comment Kate. I am constantly amazed by being invited into people's lives. I find it one of the most enjoyable part of blogging! I hope you enjoy making your shawl as much as I did. Jane xx


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