Happy Days in Amsterdam

What an incredible city.  We had the best time taking a long weekend.  Helped by beautiful weather, I think pictures speak louder than words!
Early on the first day
Some culture at the Rijks Museum.  Everyone goes to see Rembrandt’s The Night Watch (which is very impressive)

but my vote goes to Winter Landscape with Ice Skaters by Hendrick Avercamp (1585-1634) – it was absolutely beautiful
Outside the Anne Frank museum early on Saturday – we chose to get there at 8.20am for an opening at 9.00am.  By the time it opened the queue was round the block.  An amazing experience – very thought provoking and also upsetting but if you get the chance to go, take it.
Cheerful tulips at the floating flower market

and an afternoon canal tour which shows the city for what it is – stunning architecture and scenery
Exploring all the little streets, finding cafes and restaurants

Beautiful weather certainly helped but I would love to go back and spend time here again.  Very romantic destination and Mr Hippy and I had a ball!
Jane xx

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