March in with Moogly

I’m seeing the new month (and season – welcome Spring) in by finishing my next block in the Moogly Afghan CAL 2014. That’s four blocks completed – 20 to go!


As you can see, one needs an extra grey border added so they are all the same but we are getting there! Let’s hope the beginning of March heralds the beginning of Spring – not today though – it’s pretty chilly in Norfolk! Even the cat and dog were fighting it out for poll position next to the fire!


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Craft Hippy x


3 thoughts on “March in with Moogly

  1. me again. just found “moogly afghan project ” and Im going join 🙂 I need to read everything while my kids asleep , buy yarn and Im on track 🙂 xxx from rainy Rotherham


  2. I'm having great fun with the afghan CAL. Some of the blocks are easier than others but there is lots of help and encouragement on Ravelry. There's not too much pressure either as there's only two blocks a mont so it should be easy to catch up!


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