Nordic Shawl Ta-Dah!

So here she is – all blocked and looking very pretty.  The sun even shone so I could take the photos!
I used Sublime Fine Merino DK and have listed the colours in my last post here.

I changed the pattern a bit in that I ran out of my main beige (Faye) colour so didn’t have enough to do all the rounds after the colour stripe – I also kept trying it on and thought that it was large enough! One of the colours that didn’t make it in to the first selection was then used to complete the last two rounds of the border – (Avalanche is the colour).
I ummmmed and ahhhhed about whether I should change colour again…

or order another ball of Faye (beige)..

but as this had already been a costly affair! I thought it best to use up what I had

and now I’m really pleased that I did as I think it adds a certain something.
I hope you like my shawl as much as I do – I think she’s scrumptious!
So, in the end I used 6 balls of the beige (and nearly a seventh but not enough to complete the border), six balls of my colours for the stripe (but not all of them – about half left over) and an extra colour for the border (again, about half left over).
She’s expensive! But VeRY vERy worth it!
For those of you who’ve missed out on the whole Nordic Shawl thing – here is the pattern from the lovely Annette at My Rose Valley
What’s on your hook now? – I’m off to do my next Moogly Crochet-Along Block – more of that here

18 thoughts on “Nordic Shawl Ta-Dah!

  1. Hi Jette. Thanks for your comment. I'm not brilliant with colour, I generally tend to go with what I like rather than whether it fits! Annette's original shawl colours were gorgeous but a bit too pink for me – I prefer something a bit more autumnal! Thanks for dropping by. Jane x


  2. Hi, just popping by from Ravelry to see your shawl and it's lovely. I like the different colour for the edging too, necessity is the mother of invention they say and it's worked out well here too! You're right, this pattern is certainly going to be a popular one!

    S x


  3. Hi Jane, I saw your pretty shawl when I was halfway done with mine. Since I was also using Sublime, I read about how many balls you were going through and I knew I was in trouble HahHa! The Salty Grey color I used was hard to find and I switched to a bigger hook hoping to make my stash go further. I like what you did with the contrasting edging, and if I wouldn't have had enough yarn, I would have copied this excellent idea. In my search for more grey color, I found some light blue on sale for half price (!!!) and bought it to make a knitted cushion cover (fingers crossed). I love how this yarn works up, so soft and thick without being stiff.
    Enjoy your crafty week!


  4. I'm glad you have enough – it is expensive but gorgeous none the less. Post a picture so I can see it when you've finished! Have your sent he latest post on My Rose Valley – there are loads of shawls on there in all their gorgeousness (including mine) and it just goes to show that there can be so many beautiful variations! Take care, jane xx


  5. Click on the link above Gillian and it will take you to the pattern – it's not a free one, but Annette at My Rose Valley is donating some of the money she's made to charity – there is a lovely post from her as to why she has done that – had me in tears so worth a read! Jane x


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