Sneak Preview Nordic Shawl but not quite a Tah-Dah (yet!)

I’ve been busy all weekend finishing my shawl which I absolutely aDoRE!  On Friday I started the border, which started to take shape nicely

and on Saturday morning I took my shawl to footie practice (mini-Hippy, not me) and it was gorgeous sitting inside the car in the sunshine finishing the border

(let’s hope I wasn’t supposed to be watching football practice!)
And on Sunday morning I got up early to finish the border – and took it to the workroom to do the blocking – boring but necessary!

So here it is (albeit in its unblocked version) but oh my, is she pretty!

I’ve decided she’s a ‘she’, albeit a bit crinkly in this picture but when she has dried into shape she will be GORgeOUs!!!
A quick word about the yarn – I’ve used quite a bit more than the pattern said and didn’t do as many rows after the border, but will explain this in my Tah-Dah! post when you’ll see her in all her glory!  (Suffice to say the border wasn’t supposed to be blue but due to lack of main colour I had to improvise – and I’m glad I did!
What do you think?
Jane xx
What are you hooking? (inlinkz – thank you Chrissie at Chrissie Crafts for letting me know about this brilliant Linky thingy!  Please link to my post – Nordic Shawl or otherwise!

6 thoughts on “Sneak Preview Nordic Shawl but not quite a Tah-Dah (yet!)

  1. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for dropping by – I follow you on Bloglovin and love your blog so I'm so glad you like my shawl – yes you are right – this shawl is all over Blog Land but that must be because it's so gorgeous. I see you have been poorly and wish you better. Hope you drop by again. Jane x


  2. Hi Una, Thanks for your comment. I'm hoping the shawl will be dry by tonight so that I can take some lovely photos for my Ta Dah post! Let's hope for a bit of sunshine. How are your crochet endeavours coming along? I now have a link section at the bottom of my post if you want to link in? Take care, Jane.


  3. Now that is one sunny shawl! The colours just remind me of a summer fair, what a happy creation! I'm going to link up my shawl here, I love seeing pics of it in all the different colourways…Cx


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