Reasons to be Cheerful

No. 1 – The sun has come out (finally)
No. 2 – I have made my selection for my Nordic Shawl – very excited
No. 3 – All that squishy Merino goodness makes me very happy
No. 4 – I really enjoy putting the colours together to see what looks good (I’m sure there is a ‘qualified’ way to do this but as I am not qualified I just did what I liked!)
No. 5 – I had such a choice (overdid it on the yarn again!) that three colours didn’t make it to the final selection although I’m sure I will use them for something as they are also gorgeous. Β My choices also changed a bit from my previous post. Β Now they are: Main Colour Faye (348) Alabaster (003), Sea Salt (380), Sunday (349), Firecracker (340), Julep (307) and Eskimo (342).
No. 6 – I have completed the first 40 rows (which hooked up quickly and was comfortingly repetitive) but now we get to the fun colours part!
No. 7 – I actually managed to get outside to take some of the photos – chilly, but sunny!
Sorry, had to use this photo twice as it’s yummy!
No. 8 – I am ToTAlLy in LUrrVvE with Sublime extra fine merino DK and would like ALL the colours please
No. 9 – My shawl will be ready for my RoMAntiC weekend away with Mr Hippy in Amsterdam!

No. 10 It’s Friday!

Happy Weekend, everyone!

Jane xx

3 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful

  1. ooooo, loving your yarn! The colours are wonderful, isn't it fun to figure out the order for the Nordic Shawl? Of course I love your base colour – but I'm sure you see how it matches mine, such great taste! πŸ˜‰ Have a fun weekend hooking away, can't wait to see your progress! (and please consider linking it to my CAL?) Chrissie x


  2. Hi Chrissie. Thanks for your lovely comment. I popped over to your blog and love your version of the shawl – can't believe there are so many in blogland – and all different, but that's the beauty of the imagination! Thanks for following. Will post more pics soon as the border is nearly finished – yayyyyy! I've linked to your CAL too – what a good idea. X


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