Expensive but Worth It!

After a huge amount of trawling on my favourite yarn sites, I have finally decided on the colour choices for my Nordic Shawl pattern from My Rose Valley.  Now I know I only blogged about getting the pattern the other day so you could argue how have I had time to organise the yarn already, but I can tell you that I have done little else with my (limited) spare time since my last blog – going on my favourite yarn sites Deramores and Wool Warehouse, looking at all the DK yarns, working out what would go most with my favourite clothes, looking at colour and contrast and all those lovely things, and this time Wool Warehouse won!

I was originally going for acrylic as you need a total of 11 x 50g balls for this project but then I saw the beautiful Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wool DK and that was me sunk!  I know it’s expensive, but wow will it be worth it – I will be able to wear my shawl with pride, to work and at weekends, be warm and look stylish!  So here are my choices – the main colour is the beige.

What do you think?  They are all Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wool, Double Knit and the colours (from top to bottom, left to right are Faye (348 – main colour), Pistachio (252), Julep (307), Firecracker (340), Sea Salt (380), Sunday (349) and Powderpuff (304)  – let’s just hope the colours are as good as they look online!

It’s been a colourful week all round really (despite the dreary weather).  My Country Fresh Blanket is coming on really well – here is a link to my Ravely page where you can download the pattern for free.
I would love to hear your thoughts on my colour choices, so please feel free to leave a comment. Happy hooking,
Jane x

9 thoughts on “Expensive but Worth It!

  1. Hi Jane
    Love everything ! Your yarn colours are gorgeous and I think that Sublime Merino is my all time favourite yarn to work with.
    And then your blanket -B_E_A_U_T_I_F_U_L !!!
    Looking forward to seeing both projects getting bigger,
    Kate x


  2. Hi Kate. Thanks for your comments. Very excited. Yarn came today and it is absolutely GORGEOUS. I can see why it is your favourite. Will post progress. Let me know how you get on with the yummy Nordic shawl! Xx


  3. Oooo I bet it was like Christmas morning when you opened your yarn delivery! Isn't it just the most luxurious wool? The colours you've chosen are lovely – I can't wait to see how you order them for the stripes. I'm on the final rows of mine…happy hooking! Chrissie x


  4. Im crocheting two months (learned from you tube) and I decided to start that lovely blanket (found you through ravelry). I hope I finish. Im still confused with so many different shades of yarn (I dont know how I lived before). Anyway I think Id go sleep. Greetings from South Yorkshire 🙂


  5. Im crocheting 2 months and I decided to make that lovely blanket. I think is totally different 🙂 I dont know when I finish and if I finish but Im going give a try. Atm I chose only one colour of yarn (too many choices; I don't know how I lived before crocheting ;))
    Btw this is my first visit on your blog, I just found you through ravelry and Im going “watch you” over here.
    greetings from South Yorkshire:)


  6. I learned from You Tube as well and have been crocheting for about 2 years. Once you have mastered the basic stitches it becomes much easier – keep looking at video tutorials – one that it brilliant is Moogly (just put that in the search engine), really clear and easy to understand. Good luck with the blanket – let me see a picture when it's finished! Jane x


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