Shawl Mania!

I’ve not long finished a small shoulder shawl (if that’s what you would call it) made from some left over Baby Merino yarn I used for a little blanket last summer.

It’s not that big (although the above picture only shows about two thirds of it) but it’s mighty warm and I love wearing it about the house.
So this got me thinking about making a proper ‘going outside’ shawl that I can wear in the Spring (if we ever get one after all this rain)
So last night I was mooching about the net and on Pinterest and came across the beautiful My Rose Valley blog (which I follow) and rediscovered her Nordic Shawl (in her Etsy shop)
I mean, how gorgeous is this?  So I downloaded the pattern and am going to make it (along with all the other WIP’s I have on the go at present!)
So now the fun starts – what colours to choose.  So much to consider, so much choice – oh well, I’ll just have to go off and look through my various favourite online yarn stores to find some gorgeous yarn – watch this space!

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