Joining in with the Moogly Afghan CAL

All sounds a bit foreign, doesn’t it?  And it would if you don’t ‘do’ the whole crochet thing (shame on you).  Anyway, I follow Tamara’s blog Moogly (and very good it is too!) so when she announced that she is going to do a CAL (crochet along to the uninitiated) I thought it would be a good time to join in.

I am forever starting projects and then not finishing them (something which is very annoying to Mr Hippy who sees bits of this and bits of that, half finished, all over the house) so this is a perfect opportunity to start AND finish as I don’t want to be left behind!

So this is the first post (if you are crochet minded and would like to join in yourself).  Each square will be 12″ x 12″ – details here  and although this one looks a bit tricky, I am sure it will all work out fine (she says ……)

So now to the best part – what colours to use?  I have thought long and hard (for at least 24 hours anyway) and immediately had the feeling I wanted to use a monochrome type of palette, rather than lots of colours (my usual).  I have chosen Sirdar Hayfield Bonus Aran from Deramores in Celtic Grey, Croft Grey and Dark Grey Mix, with a contrast in Kingfisher – I will post pics when it arrives so you can see my choices and I hope that this will produce a really stunning (but not “in your face” type of Afghan – we shall see).

Really looking forward to posting my progress and having a gorgeous blanket to show at the end of it all (December 2014).  Happy hooking!

Jane x

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