Don’t you just love a package!

I know I do.  Even though I ordered it myself, there is still something delicious about it arriving and opening it and looking through the lovely contents and ooooohing and ahhhing and thinking about what you are going to do with it……

So I was (not surprisingly) excited to find my package from the lovely designer Sophie Allport when I got home from work tonight.  After dinner was made and eaten, and cleaned up (thankfully the latter by my two teenage sons – I know, but there was bribery involved!) I ripped open the packet to find the most delicious fabric and kitchen accessories.

The Good Life

Oven Mitts and Tea Towel 

I am a BIG Sophie Allport fan – I love most of her designs and especially the fabrics (although I also have pottery of hers), but mainly the fabrics (we had chickens on the table this Xmas!) – really lovely quality and not too expensive (although I have to say that this order was a huge bargain as I bought it in her sale).  I am planning another tablecloth for this three metres (and I squeezed an extra metre in just because….. as it was such good value (£8.75 p/m)) so now I just need to work out what to do with it!

Chickens on the Xmas Table this year!

Looks lovely in the kitchen, don’t you think?  And an extra 10% off if I buy something else by the end of January – oooohhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhh, the possibilities are endless!

Happy Days!

Jane x

One thought on “Don’t you just love a package!

  1. ooooooh I totally agree, I'm a sucker for fabric, wool and craft books, I order them after an hour or so on pinterest. Your fabric is beautiful, and i love your kitchen, what a lovely setting for christmas dinner 🙂


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