Free Christmas Bauble Pattern and Tutorial

So, here it is everyone, my very first pattern and tutorial with lots of photographs to help it make sense! As I have never done this before I hope that you can understand it – but please do get in touch if you have any questions.  I hope also that the photos are clear – I do not have anything very fancy except my iPhone and PicMonkey to edit some of them!

I have used lots (perhaps too many) photographs to illustrate the written version – I know that this has helped me when I have been following a pattern and I have also run over some basic points as I go through (apologies to anyone advanced!)

I love the idea of a crocheted Christmas Bauble which could be hung on the tree or made into bunting – the possibilities are endless!  For this tutorial I have produced a bauble that measures approximately 5cm in diameter at its widest point in the middle but I have also produced one in slightly thicker yarn and used a 6cm polystyrene craft ball, but I did have to add in an extra row otherwise it wouldn’t fit!

So, on with the pattern.  I have used DMC Natura Just Cotton in Light Green, Ibiza White and Passion Red and a 3mm hook.  My terminology is American (this is how I learned) so a dc is a UK treble and sc a UK double.

Round 1

Make a magic ring (there’s a very good YouTube tutorial here)  By doing it this way you can ease it open at the end to add in the polystyrene ball or the wadding but this also enables you to pull it really tight and get rid of any small hole at the bottom.

Ch3 then 15dc into the ring so there is a total of 16dc.  Slip stitch into the top of the first ch3.

Round 2

Ch 1 then put in stitch marker as this counts as your first sc (I always do this as it helps you count properly – I quite often put them in the last stitch as well so you can see clearly where to join and where to start and finish).

Then 15sc in the following stitches making a total of 16sc (note here that we have done one row in dc and one row in sc).  Slip stitch into the sc with the marker in it and fasten off.

Round 3 (change colour to Light Green)

Join new colour with a slip stitch and then ch1 – put in your marker – (ch1 counts as first sc), then sc into next 15 stitches (16 sc in total).  Slip stitch into top of ch1.

Round 4 (increasing round)

Ch1 and place your marker and then sc into the same stitch.  Continue with 2sc in each of the next stitches giving you a total of 32 stitches.  Slip stitch into the top of ch1 and fasten off.

Round 5 (change colour to white)

Ch1 (counts as first sc) then sc in each of the following stitches (32 stitches in total)

Round 6

Ch1 (counts as first sc) then sc in each of the following stitches (32 stitches in total). Sl stitch into the marker from beginning of round then fasten off.

Round 7 (change back to red – increasing round)

Join new colour with a slip stitch then Ch3 (counts as first dc) – insert stitch marker in 3rd chain) then dc in the next 6 stitches (7 dc total), followed by 2sc in the next stitch.  Repeat 3 more times giving a total of 36 stitches.  Sl stitch into to of 3ch and fasten off.

Round 8 (change back to white – decreasing round)

Attach new colour where marker from last round is with a sl stitch then Ch1 (insert marker) (ch counts as first sc).  Sc in the next 6 stitches (7sc in total), then sc2tog.  Repeat 3 more times (32 stitches in total).  Sl stitch into marked stitch from beginning of round.

Round 9

Ch1 and insert marker.  Sc in the remaining stitches of the round, 31 times (32 stitches total).  Fasten off.

Round 10 (change colour to Light Green)

Ch1 and move marker then sc in remaining stitches of the round, 31 times (32 stitches total).  Sl stitch into first st from the round.

Round 11 (decreasing round)

Ch1 (first sc) and move marker then sc in next stitch.  2sctog for rest of round (16 stitches in total). Fasten off.

Round 12 (change colour to red)

Attach new colour in marked stitch with a sl stitch and ch1 (counts as first sc).  Sc in remaining 15 stitches (16 sc in total).

Round 13

Ch1 and place marker.  *Sl stitch in next sc from previous round then skip next sc*.  Repeat from * to * with a total of 8 stitches.  Fasten off leaving a long tail (of at least 25-30cm).

At this point you can either loosen the magic circle at the bottom and insert a polystyrene craft ball or polyester wadding but you could also stuff the bauble with wadding from the top (although the hole is quite small).

Round 14

Gently ease open the magic ring and insert ball or stuffing then pull tightly closed.  Thread remaining yarn onto a needle and weave in through stitches and wadding and cut off.

Round 15

Thread long tail onto a needle and weave it through the last round of stitches, gently pulling them together as you go until there is no hole.  Poke needle right through to the bottom of the bauble (if using wadding) and loop a bead or bell.  Catch the loop at the top and put a marker in so that you don’t lose it completely).  Once bead/bell is threaded poke needle back to the top and tie off to loop previously marked.

Thread a piece of ribbon in and out of the middle dc round and tie in a bow then attach another piece of ribbon to the loop at the top.

And there you have it – I hope clearly and concisely!  All sorts of different combinations can be achieved with a bit of fiddling so I hope you enjoy my first pattern and tutorial.  I would love your comments/critiques and look forward to hearing from you all soon.  This pattern is free to use and share – I would appreciate it however, if you linked back to my blog.  Many thanks.

Until then, happy hooking!

Jane xx

5 thoughts on “Free Christmas Bauble Pattern and Tutorial

  1. Marieta. Thanks for your lovely comments – I really appreciate that you have taken the time to look at my tutorial. I would love to see any that you make as a result. Thanks for reading! Jane.


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