A Very Special Trip

We went on a very special trip yesterday to visit one of my favourite Norfolk Artists – Lucy Loveheart – who was holding an open studio where she creates her fantastical paintings.

Mr Hippy and I had a good look round – I was trying to convince him that we needed to commission Lucy to do a picture of our house – but this was a little beyond our budget for the time being!  Instead we bought a beautiful print of one of my favourite paintings of hers – Chips by the Sea – which is of Wells Next The Sea on the North Norfolk coast and a stones throw from where we live.

I couldn’t leave without some scrumptious Christmas cards and postcards which were a bargain and a good look around her creative space which was very inspiring.  If you are not familiar with Lucy’s work, check out her website for lots more images and details – I’m sure you will become as much of a fan as I am once you see her style!

Winter World

Christmas Cottage

Christmas Unicorns

The Wand Maker


Wildwood Tea Party

Midsummer Daydream

Love Heart

Enchanted Norfolk

It’s difficult to see from the photos but she uses a lot of glitter in her paintings which makes them stand out and compliments her childish style.  I think she’s fab!  What do you think?

Jane x

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