Excited – My First Free Pattern (in the making)

Hello everyone.  I’m very excited today as I have nearly finished my very first pattern – it seems to have taken ages, so huge respect to those of you who write them on a regular basis!  Mine is going to be for a couple of variations of a Christmas Bauble but it’s not quite finished yet – I think the stitch description is right but I still need to take some photographs to illustrate it – hopefully that will be this weekend.

However, here is a taster.  I’ve used a gorgeous yarn that I discovered in my local yarn store.  It’s called Woolly and it’s a 100% Merino from DMC.  The most gorgeous thing is the colour range which is sublime – brights and pastels.

I have chosen a Christmas Red, Teal and Beige for my decorations but there was so much to choose from I was in the shop for ages (no change there, then!)
So here is a sort of Ta-Dah – although it’s not finished yet.  I will keep you posted but the light this weekend is rubbish so I’m not sure how good my photos will be.  This will be a free pattern as I have had so many free patterns off of other wonderful bloggers it seems wrong to ask for money!  And I’m only doing it for fun.  I would appreciate any comments you have so far.  See you soon…………..

Jane x

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