Colour Dilemmas

I mentioned last time that I was planning another blanket, this time for youngest hippy (13) who doesn’t wish to be left out of the equation, so we had a look at patterns (well I made him actually) and “we” chose something.  It’s a gorgeous (free) pattern from Yarnspirations – the pattern place for Paton yarn and I was so impressed I uploaded it to my Ravelry page.

My first problem came though when I tried to source the yarn – it is available in the United States (Paton’s Decor) but I couldn’t get hold of it in the UK.  So my next problem was trying to find an alternative as I wanted to keep as true to the colours as possible.  I think I’ve managed it and chosen some yarns from the lovely Wool Warehouse.  They are not exactly the same but I do like the combo – what do you think?
As you can see from the photo, I have chosen yarn in the same weight but from two different ranges.  Is this a good idea?  Sometimes you can’t get all the colours you like in the same range but I did check the gauge so am assuming this will work?  Any advice would be great from your experiences.  Speak soon.
Jane x

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