Bits and Pieces

There’s been a lot going on lately, hence the lack of posts.  My mother was in hospital last friday for a hip replacement which, I can thankfully say, has gone extremely well.  She is now at home (being ably looked after by my sister) and has started to get bored – a sure sign of getting better!  There is so much that you can’t do straight after this kind of operation and the first six weeks are extremely important in terms of walking, doing the proper exercises, RESTING (which she isn’t very good at!) but this whole process will give her the freedom she has not experienced for a while and all pain free, so win, win in by book!

I have not been idle though and visiting in hospital is a perfect opportunity for some hooky!  My shrug is coming on a treat and I have now started (another) blanket for my eldest son (16) who has oddly been crazing me for one (for snuggling purposes) – they never grow up, do they?

I’m following Lucy at Attic24’s pattern here but I’m not sure about the colours I have chosen now!  I always seem to go for Autumn colours, don’t I?  Perhaps I need another zingy colour to jazz it up a bit – what do you think?  I find this whole colour thing really difficult as I am planning (yet another) blanket now for my other son who doesn’t want to be left out, but more on that in  another post!  Back to this though – a blue perhaps, or red or yellow?  Help!

2 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. Yes, I think I would add a pale yellow to the colours for your new blanket. Or maroon if you prefer a darker colour. I think I would avoid bright red as it might clash with the other colours.


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